Los Angeles Business Formation Lawyer

Your financial goals, liability concerns and business structure preferences all affect the business formation option that will meet your needs. The Los Angeles Civil lawyers at Law Offices of Svitlana Sangary, are prepared to handle your business start-up matters.
From drafting the documents to formally establishing the type of business entity, we provide efficient and effective business formation representation. Our business attorneys take the time to learn what you want out of your business and then inform you of your formation options based on your unique needs and goals.


Limit Your Personal Liability When Forming a Business
Many business formation options that limit your personal liability from lawsuits and creditors. Business formation options include establishing a:
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Corporation:
Selecting the proper entity for your business will have long-term impact on the success of your business. Together we will evaluate your needs and select the business formation structure that best suits your needs. We advise business clients on the different business organization structures.
Experienced Business Formation Guidance
As part of our full-service business formation practice, we assist in drafting the documents necessary to form a business in New York. We prepare employment agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements.
Our business lawyers understand the concerns of small and medium business owners. When you want to make sure that your interests are protected, we provide thoughtful counsel. We anticipate any issues and eliminate the risk through comprehensive planning and protection measures. If there are issues down the road, we have also successfully litigated contract disputes and other business litigation matters.
For your business formation questions contact in Los Angeles Civil Law Attorney at Law Offices of Svitlana Sangary . We’ll help you in all of your business formation matters.

Find Out About Civil rights Laws

If you are curious about finding out if your rights have been violated, you may want contact a lawyer that specializes in civil rights laws. It is your right to resolve any issue with legal action if you feel your rights have been violated when it comes to employment, housing, education or lending practices. A lot of times people are discriminated against because of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, a disability and religion, and it will take an attorney that practice civilrightslaws to determine if you really have a discrimination suit. If you lawyer concludes that your rights were violated, they will be willing to take legal action against the violator.

Out of all the cases that are related to civilrightslaws, most of them tend to deal with people who have been discriminated against because of sexual orientation. The means you can be discriminated against because you choose to date a person of the same gender. In a land of democracy and freedom of choice, yours personal matters should not affect your status, your education, housing and etc. Since there has been a rise in this type of discrimination, there have been active bills that have drawn the attention of supporters to end this type of discrimination. If this goes into effect, civilrightslaws that are violated will carry lengthier punishments for violators.

When it comes to civilrightslaws, most of its history is centered on the unfair treatment of African Americans. For people that feel they were racially discriminated against, you can contact Equality Advocates that will listen to your claim. You also should not hesitate to contact an attorney if there is a chance your civil rights were violated. The civilrightslaws are here to protect you, and you should not shy away from this sensitive issue. There are rights you are entitled to, and they should always be upheld.

Motor Insurance Low Rates

In case you`re aspiring to understand the issue of low a auto insurance, you are recommended to try to absorb as much as you can from the research that appears before you.


Being involved in just a small auto collision could be one of life`s least pleasant times. However, crashes occur, so one day we all have the bad luck of meeting one of our fellow road travelers fender to fender. Adhering to the next seven steps to submitting your autos assurance on-line may assist one get over this bump as easily as can be.

Step One: Comprehend your instant online insure policy

Before a loss, sit down and mindfully study your automobile ins documents. Call on your agent or insurance company if you have some questions concerning what is or otherwise isn`t covered.

Step Two: Share information

In case you`re mixed-up in a collision, obtain the second driver`s identity, place of residence, telephone number, motors insurence online carrier, as well as insurance carrier`s telephone number. Be ready to give the same information concerning yourself to the second driver. You should be able to locate the insurance company`s phone numbers on the proof-of-insurance cards that are supposed to be kept on your person whenever driving a car.

Stage Three: Locate witnesses

Request eye witnesses to the collision for their names and telephone numbers in the event their account of the car accident is wanted. This is a must for submitting the cars insure.

Stage Four: File an accident report

Get in touch with local police to have a car accident report ready intended for the on line vehicles coverage claim. When law enforcement isn`t reachable, accident reports as well as complete instructions are available in any police departments, sheriff`s offices, your local DMV office, and on your local Department of Motor Vehicles` web-site.

Stage Five: Inform your insurer

Inform your insurance company regarding the car crash as fast as possible. An insurance adjuster shall inspect the accident report to decide who caused the crash. If the car crash was not your fault, you can have either your insurance carrier or the at-fault driver`s insurance firm manage the repair or substitution of your car. If you use the other driver`s carrier, you won`t have a claim on your car policy so you will not have to pay a deductible.

Stage Six: Do not release the insurance carrier prematurely

Don`t release your insurance firm of its obligations until the damages are paid to your satisfaction. For instance, have your motors assurance on-line manage the claim if the other driver`s insurance company questions its policy holder`s negligence or offers an unsatisfactory payment.

Stage Seven: Keep in mind the settlement parameters

Bodily injuries: You might be eligible to a financial payment for physical harm caused by another responsible (liable) individual. It could take several days for some physical injuries to develop. This also is supposed to be covered by the car coverages on line.

Damages: The auto insurance firm is responsible to reimburse for the sensible cost of repairs to your automobile. An insurance adjuster will evaluate the damages. Often, insurance carriers and car garages negotiate disagreements concerning what is supposed to be fixed. When you disagree with their conclusions, you are entitled to obtain another assessment at any car garage.

Appraisal clause: Most automobile ins include an appraisal clause that could be utilized to assist resolve disagreements concerning bodily injury claims between you and your insurance carrier. (The appraisal clause does not apply for claims you file with the other party`s insurance carrier.) In case you cannot negotiate an agreement with your carrier, you or your insurance firm may activate the appraisal clause. Your appraiser plus your carrier`s appraiser then select an independent umpire to attempt to solve the argument. Inspect your insurance policy or ask your insurance agent or insurance company to get additional information concerning the appraisal clause.

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About Gay Marriage Lawyers

Gay Marriage lawyers is one of the newest additions to a rapidly growing industry of high profile, high quality web sites specifically tailored to bringing together potential clients and the particular professional whose services they require. Legal websites have experienced explosive growth and continue to experience increases in traffic at an exponential rate.

Gay couples own homes together, share businesses, and adopt children. We predict they will be calling lawyers. Lawyers will see this as a testament to the strength of their community. 

Our goal is to foster understanding and tolerance of same sex unions and to educate the public on the need to secure the freedom for same-sex couples to enter into legally recognized marriages and be granted all the 1,138 federal benefits, legal protections and rights that civil marriage provides. In so educating the public our goal is to secure those freedoms for same-sex couples. We plan to change the climate of our country, ensuring equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The gay-marriage windfall: $16.8 billion

Forbes Magazine estimates 546,000 homosexual couples will marry per year.

Gay Market Consumer Data

Gay market reports that 78 percent of gay online users prefer to buy from companies that advertise to the gay market.

More affluent. The gay and lesbian market is perhaps the most affluent and loyal affinity group of all.

More discretionary income. The average middle-class family spends over one million dollars to raise a child through age 22. Some gay people have kids. Most don’t. Where are they spending that money? On your products and services. (USA Today, US Census Data)

A incredible market. There are 26 million gay and lesbian in the US population alone – larger than the combined disposable incomes of the latino and african-american markets. A combined disposable income of $450 billion.